Learn how we make the high quality cables and cables assemblies
We use highest-quality wire and cable materials

All types of cables we build are available in many engineered materials including PU, PTEE, TPR, EVA, TPE, etc. We have the ability to provide custom shape, color and specification with every surface finishing for your specific application. We only use the high quality materials in the production of our cables.

Cable manufacturing

We have the outstanding production power in cables manufacturing. Our production workshops cover more than 5,000 square meters, and are staffed by more than 200 employees, covering the full production equipment for extrusion lines, cable twisting, shielding, over molding, welding, custom cable assemblies.

SIKORA on-line Testing

In 2011, Germany's SIKORA on-line inspection and control system was introduced to ensure the concentricity and diameter uniformity of each cable.

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