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Custom Cable and Cable Assemblies
(Audio & Video Cables,Networking Cables,USB Cables and Adapter industrial cables)

CYK is a professional manufacturer of cable assemblies and our business is built around our dedication to quality. We offer customers high-performance cables and cable assemblies such as audio/video cables, networking cables, USB cables, and non-standard industrial cables. With an extensive selection of products, we are sure to have a cable assembly solution that meets your requirements. However, if you have a special case that cannot be satisfied by standard products, we can work with you to produce a custom cable solution that addresses all your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality cable assembly products!

Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Utilizing our industry expertise, we will bring your cable engineering concepts into reality.

Since 2001, CYK has been providing customers with an array of quality custom copper cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and network connectivity solutions.

Applying our state-of-the-art testing facilities along with the strengths of our full R&D department, we can provide custom-made wires and cables including common audio and video cables (VGA cable, DVI cable, DisplayPort cable, USB adaptors/convertors), automotive cables, medical cables, military cables, and specified cables for countless industrial sectors.

With more than ten years of experience in the manufacturing of custom cables, CYK develops high-quality prototypes, produce complex cable assemblies, and provide cable testing reports to visualize their performance characteristics. Applying our industry expertise, we can shorten the project development cycle, improve product quality, and reduce the overall costs for customers. For many years, our engineers have served clients in a variety of industries. Through frequent technical discussion and testing, we have consistently found the best cable solutions for the clients.

Customized Examples
Our Wires and Cables Manufacturing Capabilities
    1. Prototyping/3D Modeling
    2. Cable Coiling
    3. Custom Cable Assemblies, Integrated Smart Cables
    4. Custom Overmold Interconnects
    5. Extrusion Lines
      (Fluoropolymer and General Plastic)
    6. Verification Validation Testing
    7. Wrap and Sintering Fabrication
      (Insulations: Kapton, Metalized Polymer Tapes, Foils)
    8. Shielding Materials: Conductive and Non-Conductive Polymers, Round and Flat Metals
    9. Assembly
    10. Quality testing
    1. Cable extrusionCable extrusion
    2. Cable strandingCable stranding
    3. Cable formingCable forming
    4. Cable assemblyCable assembly
    5. DetectionDetection