Chang Yang Wire & Cable Co. is a professional enterprise with a specialty in the production of video cables and high speed data cables headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Changyang (CY) designs and produces a wide range of video cables, including VGA cable, DVI cable, HDMI cable, display port cable, and KVM cable. We also manufacture high speed data cable with our USB and network cables. The multimedia wires produced by Changyang are mainly used in remote education systems, teleconference systems, multimedia systems, home theaters, and other high-tech installations. Here at Changyang, we always focus on the needs of our customers and we are able to design special cables to meet specific demands.

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Main Products
Zinc Alloy DisplayPort Cable 1.2

Cable conductor: oxygen-free copper
Connector technology: gold-plated joint
Cable type: signal wire
Cable material: nylon, zinc alloy
Cable length: 1m-5m

DisplayPort Cable 1.2, Mini DP Cable

Cable length: 1m-3m
Connector: copper shell plated 24K gold
Conductor: oxygen-free copper, 32AWG
Cable diameter: 2.0*9.0mm

4K HDMI Cable, Flat Cable for Computer and TV

Cable length: 0.75m-20m
Connector: copper shell plated with 24K gold
Conductor: oxygen-free copper
Cable diameter: 3.0*15mm

4K HDMI Cable, Mini HDMI Cable

Cable length: 0.3m-5m
Conductor: tinned copper, 28AWG, US standard
Connector: 24K gold-plated plug

15-Pin VGA Cable, Flat Extension Cable

Length: 0.3m-10m
Conductor: 28 AWG tinned copper, US standard
Cable material: PVC
Connector: gold-plated copper shell

Mini HDMI Cable, Flat Cable for Tablet PC and Camera

Cable length: 0.3m-2m
Conductor: tinned copper, 32AWG, US standard
Conductor: oxygen-free copper
Connector: 24K gold-plated plug

Customer Projects
Network Wiring Project for UC Server Room

Cat.6A FTP network cable is specifically designed by Changyang engineers for ...

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Network Wiring Project for Vipshop Internet Data Center

Vipshop chose C.Y.K Cat.6A FTP cable for their new IDC computers.

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Address: No.30,Aiaoxindong road, Qiaotou town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province.
Contact person: Shengliu Yang
Contact number:
Fax: +86-769-82368080